October 10, 2015

|LFND Coordinating Team

Society often tells us that leadership is attaining a position of influence and importance or building followership to advance oneself or one’s causes and ideas. God shows us a much different picture of leadership that we are called to emulate: advancing others and His kingdom.

Jesus taught us that whoever wants to be a leader must first humble themselves and be a servant for others. He often did this through simple acts of kindness like washing others’ feet, embracing the sick, and visiting the lonely.

Serving others in simple, kind ways prepares us for leadership and helps us live our faith in the workplace. How does one do this? Here are some practical tips applicable to all professions:

  • Invest in others’ development. Be a teacher. Help develop and mentor others in skills you are good at. Share your time and knowledge generously to help build others’ capabilities.

  • Help others. Is someone having an issue or problem that you can help solve? Do they need something from you? Could others benefit from information or talents you have? No matter what your job is, be willing to jump in and help people around you with good attitude.

  • Be responsive. Responsiveness and attentiveness is critical to serving others. Always get back to coworkers, customers, partners and others you serve in a timely manner, respond to their questions, and build positive relationships.

  • Listen first. Those that serve others well listen intently to their needs and concerns. Focus on those you are communicating with and what they are telling you. Strive to meet their needs.

  • Recognize those around you. Everyone likes to feel valued and appreciated in the workplace. Recognize and thank those you work with frequently for their contributions.

“Organizations exist to serve. Period. Leaders live to serve. Period.”

– Tom Peters (leadership expert)