Charles Russella, CCC Summer Fellow from John Carroll University, meets Sr. Helen Burdenski, SND, Notre Dame College Professor for over 35 years.

Charles works for Catholic Community Connection, and his favorite experience so far is “working for a smaller organization [that] allowed [him] to have a bigger role on a team, providing an opportunity for a wide range of responsibilities, spanning from internet marketing to project management.”

Charles, a senior studying marketing at the Boler School of Business, and Sr. Helen, who holds a PhD in marketing, were chosen to spend the summer together to learn from each other.

Charles remarked that “Sr. Helen was very outgoing and made it easy to find common ground. At first, we connected on ideas of marketing, but then the conversation quickly transitioned into educating each other about our unique interests.   We talked about Formula One, basketball, and had a deeper discussion about human nature.”

As part of the CCC Summer Fellows program, eight students from John Carroll University, Ursuline College, and Notre Dame College were paired with a Sister companion from the Conference of Religious Leadership (CORL) for the purpose of guiding them in their intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth.

During their conversation, Charles discovered “Sr. Helen will be able to contribute to [his] professional development through her mastery of [his] field of study: Marketing. Spiritually, she has had many years of experience teaching college students marketing and grappling with the complex moral and ethical issues associated with it.”

Over the course of the summer, students will meet at JCU, UC, and NDC.  Students will also be visiting their Sister companion’s ministry site. Charles will be visiting the Hospice of the Western Reserve with Sr. Helen to learn about her specific involvement with that ministry.

Charles commented that “Coming from a non-Catholic background, [he] was not familiar with who women religious are and the many important roles they have played within the communities they serve.”

Charles is looking forward to working for CCC and further bonding with Sr. Helen.