Kathleen “Katie B.” English, Catholic Community Connection Summer Fellow is serving at St. Augustine Health Ministries in the Advancement Office. Katie B is a senior at John Carroll University studying Sociology, Peace, Justice, and Human Rights.
Working in St. Augustine’s Advancement Office, Katie B has been able to gain experience in a wide range of activities in the Non-profit world. Her responsibilities include grant writing, public relations, marketing and social media, event planning and learning how to use adobe’s Photoshop and illustrator. Katie B has assisted staff with planning the Family Festival and Happy Campers Week. She has also worked with the human resources department and management to create a new “Employee Excellence Program.”
Katie B. remarked; “Working in the advancement office has given me the opportunity to witness the craziness of working at a non-profit…which I love. Every day is different and I get to work on multiple projects at once. There truly is never a dull moment.”

In regards to the spiritual component of the CCC Summer Fellows program, Katie B. has always been a person of Catholic faith. When asked about her and her family’s involvement in the church, she commented: “With a grandfather that was a deacon and religious writer, a father that is a theology teacher and an Uncle that is a Catholic Priest, you could say that the Catholic Church has always had an active role in my life. I grew up going to church every Sunday and I have the opportunity to continue that at John Carroll. I attended a Catholic grade school, high school and now college, and have worked or volunteered at Catholic Charities locations in D.C., Kentucky, and Cleveland. Throughout my travels domestically and abroad I’ve witnessed how the Catholic Church and its traditions have been embodied by different communities and cultures and I’ve tried to implement little things I’ve learned from each community into my own practices.”

Katie B has been paired with her Sister Companion, Sister Renée Pastor, SND. Sister Renée is a native Ohioan. She currently works at St. Francis Elementary school. When asked about their relationship, Katie B. remarked “Sister Renée did mission work for (I think) a year [in] Guimaraes and [on the island of] Iloilo in the Philippines. I loved hearing about her experience there because I’ve always wanted to travel there and I am interested in volunteering abroad for an extended period of time.”