We are very excited that after a vote at our last Board Meeting on September 18th, we can officially welcome Rose-Mary Center as our newest partner with Catholic Community Connection!

A bit about who they are:

Their mission: Rose-Mary Center continues the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing individuals with disabilities and celebrating love, family, dignity and faith within the community.

Their Philosophy

“We believe that one of the most prized gifts given to us by God is life itself. For each individual this begins from the first moment of conception and never ceases. Living that life to its fullest potential depends upon the interaction of all who share our environment. We look to one another within the environment in which we find ourselves to complement our strengths and deficits. The belief concerning life and its development in the environment applies as fully to persons with multiple handicaps as to any other member of society. Because of this conviction, the Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Cleveland through its Catholic Charities, has committed itself to serving this segment of the community. At Rose-Mary Center, the Johanna Grasselli Rehabilitation and Education Center, children and adults are given the opportunity not only to receive what the Church has to offer, but they, in turn, contribute to the life of the community by their individual dignity as persons and by the positive human values they stimulate in others.”