Pope Francis calls us as Catholics to act with great compassion towards the poor and, especially in light of the current refugee crisis, towards those fleeing war and persecution. At the crux of his papacy is a call to embrace our brothers and sisters; “Welcoming others means welcoming God in person.”

Members of our Diocese heed this calling every day through their work at Catholic Charities Employment and Training Services, whose mission is to stimulate hope and create opportunities through employment, and Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services, the largest resettlement agency in Northern Ohio. Both of these agencies work tirelessly to provide opportunities through employment to underserved populations in Northeast Ohio.

To this end, they are constantly seeking organizations to partner with them in their efforts to restore dignity and empower individuals through self-sufficiency. On Thursday, October 29, Catholic Community Connection hosted a convening of Catholic Charities Employment and Training Services, Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services and several HR Representatives from our partner organizations including Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center, Regina Health Center, Sisters of Charity Health System, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Augustine Health Ministries. The goal was to create synergies between these organizations in order to gain a better understanding of needs and allow for future collaborative efforts between these Catholic ministries.

Catholic Charities Employment and Training and Migration and Refugee Services gave in-depth presentations on where their clients come from, the trainings, orientations, classes and follow-up they offer to job-seekers and what their needs are in terms of creating employment opportunities. Both ministries offer an extraordinary range of services to their clients from the moment they walk in the door to months after they have gained employment. The discussion and questions that followed were fruitful and an enthusiastic energy around collaborative ideas resulted. Many partner organizations at the table expressed great interest in working directly with Catholic Charities in order to gain trained and qualified employees.

We hope to see this enthusiastic energy continue into great collaborative work throughout many of our partner organizations. For more information on the services provided by:

Catholic Charities Employment and Training Services visit: http://ccdocle.org/ets/services or call Tracee Ingram at 216-426-9870 x13

Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services visit: http://ccdocle.org/migration-and-refugee-services or call Heath Rosenberger at 216-939-3840.