In Catholic Community Connection’s continuing quest to expand Intergenerational Opportunities in Catholic ministries and link Catholic higher education students with Catholic service providers, we encourage all organizations to consider this great opportunity to contribute to a student’s education.

Ursuline College, with funding from The Cleveland Foundation, is offering a program called First Year to Career, providing students a unique opportunity to explore their chosen program of study. First Year to Career allows students to explore college major options, develop and sharpen professional skills, learn about opportunities with top Cleveland companies, and work in a micro-internship!

These “micro-internships,” allow first year students to spend a total of twenty (20) hours with an employer during Spring Semester.  The time can be mutually arranged between the student and employer to span anywhere from one to four weeks.

Ursuline’s Office of Counseling and Career Services is sponsoring a networking event on Monday, November 30 from 5:30-7:30 on campus, where students can interact with potential employers who are willing to offer micro-internships.

Part of the Intergenerational Opportunities goal of creating a pipeline of young adults interested in serving in Catholic ministries includes offering them exposure to these Catholic ministries. If you think your organization would be interested in collaborating in this effort and attending the networking event, please contact Gerri Jenkins, Director of Ursuline Office of Counseling and Career Services to discuss it personally and share the areas of interest expressed by the enrolled students.

Gerri Jenkins: Office: 440-646-8322,