Sister Mary Alice Jarosz, with Bishop Roger Gries, OSB, wants us to be grateful knowing God loves us.

As a new year begins, we find ourselves asking, “What will this year bring?” It’s like the song we remember, but the correct answer is not “Que sera, sera – What will be, will be.” As 2017 begins, let’s set our own expectations for ourselves and our loved ones. Forget the infamous New Year’s resolutions that people make and break year after year. We have heart-deep faith and the confidence it comes with. If we look within, the we recognize the blessings God has given us all our lives.

We can make conscious choices about how we want to be, not how we want the new year to be. With God’s constant love and support, we can achieve all that we hope for and imagine. Let’s start right now, today, and imagine our best, positive, kind and loving selves. Let’s put that image in front of God every day. Let’s be grateful in advance because we know God loves us; we know God sees us as even better than we imagine ourselves to be. Let’s rejoice and enjoy every day of 2017 because, as a good friend said recently, “God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

May we all have a blessed, healthy and Happy New Year!

Sr.Mary Alice Jarosz is The Village at Marymount’s Director of Mission Integration.