A strong sense of faith is an asset many use to progress in their work and empathetically affect those around them. Tom McCarthy was awarded a 2018 Summer Fellowship and assigned to serve at the Sisters of Charity Health System (SCHS). Tom has an incredible foundation of faith and it shines brightly through his interactions with others and his impressive work ethic. Tom McCarthy graduated from John Carroll University where he majored in Finance and minored in Entrepreneurship. He felt his focus on entrepreneurship was an excellent choice because it built on his leadership skills and creativity. Open to many career possibilities, he has interest in political science and public policy, which he attributes to the fact that his father is a police officer with a local police force.

Tom applied for this fellowship because he has a strong desire to promote Catholic social teaching. His contact with the Jesuits in high school and college has given him comfort with others who share his concern for social justice, especially for the poor and underserved. Tom is thrilled to be working at SCHS. He is energized by working downtown especially when he is representing the SCHS at conferences and workshops. These events feature speakers who expand his understanding of the need for advocacy and efforts for justice in the area.

Tom recently attended “The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking” a conference specifically focused on how hospitals and health systems can be involved in helping to end this tragedy.Another conference of interest was the “State of the Schools” put on by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to update the stakeholders regarding the current state and strategies to improve the school district. Tom stated, “I am proud to be sent out to represent the SCHS.”

In addition to attending conferences and workshops, Tom was assigned tasks that required an abundance of focus and expertise. He is responsible for keeping up to date on public policy issues related to the ministries under SCHS. The staff frequently needs policy updates as they attend meetings, issues statements, etc. Tom understands his job is to keep them informed.

Tom has remarked that many of his tasks are urgent in nature. Whereas many people struggle in fact-paced environments, Tom has proven that he has the ambition to withstand and succeed.Within his focus on advocacy, Tom assists SCHS with developing messaging on stances related to certain political issues as they arise. Tom considers those he works with closely with the utmost respect and admiration. This includes, Shannon Jerse, of the legal department, his mentor, Sister Miriam, and his supervisor Heather Stoll. “Heather is excellent. I admire her knowledge. I have never asked her a question she couldn’t answer.  She understands the field very well, and her list of contacts and extensive network is extraordinary.” He explained that when presented with goals, he could always see the results. Shannon designated long-term goals which Tom accepted eagerly.

Lastly, Tom’s endeavors with the SCHS did not end with the conclusion of the 2018 Fellows Program. While job searching, Tom was offered a position with the SCHS.

CCC wishes Tom continued success.