Mercer, Pennsylvania (PA) native Jacob Schupp earned the prestigious position as this summer’s Fellow through the Catholic Community Connection at the Village of St. Edward. Jacob came to Cleveland from PA to attend John Carroll University (JCU) where he is working on a finance major and intends to pursue a career in healthcare administration. His decision to attend JCU was based on the intention to study at a “small university” in a city bigger than his own. After a recommendation from a friend in the same fraternity, Jacob decided he would like to earn a Fellowship position through Catholic Community Connection. His friend, Charles Russella, spoke very highly of his personal experience working for the CCC the previous year and Jacob says his experience was nothing short of his expectations.

After an internship in a regional hospital in Pennsylvania Jacob discovered his desired career path in healthcare administration. In the course of his Fellowship at The Village of St. Edward, Jacob was involved in the exact array of activities he hoped for. These activities consisted of helping with the 4th of July parade, the Akron Mobile Petting Zoo event, and a cookout for the memory care unit. Jacob’s dedication and drive certainly did not stop there. The long list of accomplishments in one summer continued with his ambitions to help start a “Music and Memory” program. For this specific program Jacob was tasked with programming IPods with songs and genres personalized for residents to help elicit good and positive memories. He explained it was a way of helping the residents feel calm when they were going through tough times.

In the same light, Jacob had the opportunity to shadow tours offered at The Village of St. Edward and also received an in-depth understanding of how the admittance process worked. Jacob says he thoroughly enjoyed helping to promote internal and external events for family and friends. Constructing posters and writing press releases for the local newspapers and monthly newsletters equipped him with new and important skills he will be able to add to his resume, and making him a top candidate for his future endeavors. Additionally, Jacob was eager to explain his PowerPoint project. The project started as a PowerPoint he made for a memory case presentation which then turned into something greater than he thought. The PowerPoint was then made into a template for the employees to use when they present in various meetings and seminars for people in the community.

Catholic Community Connection’s fellowship program is designed so that every fellow has their own mentor. Jacob’s mentor was Sister Marilyn. The two would meet periodically throughout the week to check in with each other. Jacob explains how blessed he felt to work beside her for some of her spiritual care work. He felt it was an important part of his experience to witness how Sister Marilyn conducted her Life Talks and would later publish them along with stories form her residents in newsletters. Jacob then proceeded to talk about another colleague, Annette. Annette is the Corporate Director of marketing and let him know various areas he could help The Village. Jacob says “Her personality was very easy going and she, along with many others, were always willing to work with you.” Everyone who knew this fellow could always feel the sincerity in his voice when he spoke so highly of those he worked alongside.

When asked if Jacob has any recommendations for future fellows, Jacob explained the importance of working in a place like The Village of St. Edward. For anyone wanting to pursue a career in healthcare administration or simply enjoys helping others, this is the position for them. Given the good fortune of working side by side with the CEO and CFO and receiving an extensive view of every department in the industry was both a blessing and an opportunity to improve the skills he intends to apply wherever his career may take him.