Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA), Diocese of Cleveland, reflects on the nature of their mission. CCA practices both the Corporal Work of Mercy of burying the dead, as well as the Spiritual Work of Mercy of praying for the dead. The key to creating an engaging and uplifting work culture is reminding all CCA employees, families, and partners of this sacred mission. Our field workers are constantly working to improve, maintain and enhance the grounds of our 19 cemeteries to ensure families have places of peaceful remembrance. You can always find members of our Outreach Team in the community hosting bereavement support groups or attending local health fairs and religious festivals. The Catholic Cemeteries Association is an organization built on helping Catholic families and contributing to the greater Catholic community.

Each family we serve at the CCA is unique. We provide many burial options to our families in an effort to meet their specific needs. Previously, these options included variations of traditional and cremation burials. In addition, the CCA is now in the process of further developing and expanding our natural (or ‘green’) burial options to families. Natural burials are arrangements that leave a smaller environmental footprint, using less material than a traditional burial. We hope to expand this availability in the near future.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association offers several events throughout the year, including pre-planning information sessions, bereavement support groups, special masses and more. Please join CCA for Cemetery Sunday Mass on November 4th, 2018. For more information and a complete calendar of CCA events, please visit