Molly Killeen, 2018 Summer Fellow, will graduate from John Carroll University (JCU) in 2020, with a major in marketing and entrepreneurship, and a minor in Peace, Justice and Human Rights. In addition, Molly is considering pursuing a master’s degree in social work. Molly applied for the Catholic Community Connection (CCC) 2018 Summer Fellows Program at the recommendation of a friend that participated in the CCC Summer Fellows Program last year. Molly finds great satisfaction in using her communication and marketing skills to complete a project.

Several aspects have influenced Molly’s fellowship experience; she recognizes the importance and need for time management skills and how creating a daily checklist can aid organization. The best part of Molly’s experience this summer has been “making connections,” particularly with the staff working at Parmadale campus. Molly believes her work is important to help promote the Catholic Charities’ mission.

One of the projects Molly completed was the promotion of the Catholic Charities Head Start Program. Molly visited Head Start sites, met with staff, collected statistics, designed a logo and developed a page featuring Head Start for the Catholic Charities’ website. Utilizing Google Analytics, she produced an algorithm so that the head Start site appears when a search is conducted for Head Start programs in the area.

Molly credits her worksite mentor, Samantha, for giving her an opportunity to share reflections on her spirituality and life as a young adult. Molly recognizes the affects they have on her attitude and work ethic.

Reflecting on the Fellow’s Fridays, Molly particularly enjoyed the Friday session at John Carroll and the discussion with the Fellows and presenters on career choices, and discernment. When asked if she has any recommendations for the future she concluded she would like to see more opportunities for the Fellows to share their experiences with each other. She added, perhaps having a closed on line chat group would be a good way of communicating. Molly explained the idea would serve as an avenue for the fellows to know each other better while receiving insight and advice on the work each fellow has been conducting. Molly was an asset in her role at Catholic Charities and we wish her continued success.

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