It is our pleasure to introduce to you to another one of our Summer Fellows, Mark Grawbowski. Mark is serving as the Communications intern at Catholic Charities in Cleveland.

Mark is a rising senior at John Carroll University, where he majors in Marketing. Mark is originally from Michigan, but has been residing in University Heights. As a student at John Carroll, Mark is involved in many areas, which includes serving as the President of the Carroll Crazies, a Blue Streak Ambassador for the Office of Admissions, a student liaison for the Center for Service and Social Action, and a student worker at the JCU Sports Information Department.

Similar to many of our Fellows, Mark was looking for meaningful work to do this summer and wanted to have an internship where he knew that he was making a difference. Mark had heard about the Catholic Community Connection’s Summer Fellow experience from his friend Molly, who served as the Communications intern at Catholic Charities last summer. Mark shared, “Molly would often share with me her experience at Catholic Charities and how incredible it was to work with so many organizations. When I applied, I was really hoping that I would get the internship with Catholic Charities and was thrilled when I received word that I would spend the summer with them.”

Through his work with Catholic Charities, Mark is responsible for various social media projects for the organization. During his first few weeks, Mark has helped develop a content calendar of the Catholic Charities’ social media pages, to help ensure that they are used more frequently and communicate news, special days and other opportunities. For example, Mark assisted with putting together content to promote Migration Refugee Day, which was just observed on June 20th.

One of the aspects of the position Mark has enjoyed with Catholic Charities is every day there is something different to focus on. “When I was meeting with my supervisor (Samantha Mealy) during orientation, she shared with me that there is something different to do every day at Catholic Charities. She was definitely right! I feel that every day is a completely different experience, which I enjoy and am gaining a lot from.”

Mark has also greatly enjoyed working with the team at Catholic Charities, and expressed his gratitude for how welcoming they have been to him. “During my first week at Catholic Charities, I had the opportunity to meet with everyone in my department individually for a 30 minute conversation. Not only was everyone welcoming, but they took the time to share with me what they do in their position. It was helpful for me in understanding everyone’s role on the team and how I can work best with everyone at Catholic Charities on various projects.”

In reflecting on his short time at Catholic Charities, Mark recognizes the importance of being open to new experiences. “Every day is something different and a new opportunity to learn. I am so grateful to all of the experiences I have had so far at Catholic Charities and will continue to have in the coming weeks. I know they will help me as I think about what I would like to do after I graduate from John Carroll next year.”

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