This summer, Gabrielle Sergi joins us as the Summer Fellow for Catholic Cemeteries Association, located in Cleveland.

Gabrielle is a rising junior at John Carroll University, where she majors in Integrated Marketing, with minors in Leadership Development and Computer Science. As a student at John Carroll, Gabrielle is involved with many different areas of service, which include the Labre Project and participating in immersion trips to Mexico and Honduras. She is also involved with the Leadership Scholars Program, which is how she originally heard about the Summer Fellows Program.

Serving as the marketing intern for Catholic Cemeteries Association, Gabrielle has worked closely with Katie Karpinski on various marketing projects. Through this experience, Gabrielle has had the opportunity to create banners, flyers, and manage the social media pages for Catholic Cemeteries Association. She has enjoyed the opportunity to express her creativity and see her work utilized through the marketing efforts of Catholic Cemeteries Association.

When first starting out at Catholic Cemeteries Association, Gabrielle had to attend a bereavement workshop as part of her orientation. This session was facilitated by Rhonda Abrams and helped Gabrielle get into the “mindset” of her work. “Attending this session by Rhonda was very helpful since it gave me the opportunity to learn more about bereavement. I have had family members pass away before, but other than those experiences, I did not know too much about the process. This has helped me as I have been working on my social media posts for Catholic Cemeteries and feel that I am in more of the “mindset” of the ministry.”
Gabrielle is impressed that Catholic Cemeteries Association manages 19 cemeteries in the area. Additionally, they work with numerous parishes and organizations in order to offer grief support to any individual who would like to take advantage of their services. “Catholic Cemeteries continues to work at trying to collaborate with others in order to help with their healing. Dealing with end of life issues can be challenging, and the people at Catholic Cemeteries truly care about showing support to those who are experiencing loss.”

Looking ahead to the future, Gabrielle has developed a better understanding of the mission of Catholic Cemeteries Association and the importance of focusing on providing high quality care and service to others, especially when they are grieving. Additionally, through her summer work experience, Gabrielle has learned different ways to grow her marketing skills. “Until I came to Catholic Cemeteries, I never heard of AdWords before. However, it is extremely important when advertising an organization. I learned from Katie that people can get certified in this area. This is something I am going to look into doing to help me grow in this area.”

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