Milesa Davis is a familiar face joining the Catholic Community Connection 2019 Summer Fellows Program! Milesa will serve her fellowship at the Village of the Village of Marymount in Garfield Heights, where she worked as a 2018 Summer Fellow.

Milesa is a recent graduate from Notre Dame College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Management Information Systems and Public Relations. Her hometown is Twinsburg, Ohio. Prior to participating in the 2018 program, Milesa had experience working in a senior living facility, assisting residents with various activities and programs. Coming to the Village at Marymount has been a natural fit for her, as she has been able to share her love of working with seniors.

One of the unique aspects Milesa shared with returning to the Village at Marymount is that she has been able to see the fruits of her labor to the organization since last summer. When Milesa was at the Village at Marymount last year, she spent time helping the staff prepare for the annual gala. While her fellowship was completed before the gala, she did have the opportunity attend the event and volunteer. With having seen everything come “full circle,” Milesa is eager to assist with the planning and logistics for this year’s gala.

A project that Milesa began working on last year was “What These Hands Have Done.” A collection of photographs of residents’ hands and stories of their experiences throughout their lives. When Milesa returned this summer, she was eager to visit many of the residents that she had interviewed and photographed last summer. This year, Milesa is helping the team at the Village of Marymount continue the project by looking into options to publish the stories in a book.

In reflecting on the staff at the Village of Marymount, Milesa is grateful to have a supportive group of people around her who have included her in their work around the facility. “Returning this summer to a supportive staff and faith filled professionals who are passionate about the residents is inspiring. I feel that I learned so much from them last summer and it is great to continue to learn from them this summer.” One of the people who have inspired Milesa at the Village of Marymount is her mentor, Sr. Mary Alice Jarosz. “Sister is one of the kindest and caring individuals I have ever met. She pushes me to do my best, while also helping me to remember to embrace the mission of the Village of Marymount with everyone who I encounter.”

Returning to the Village of Marymount has been a great blessing for Milesa. Not only has this been an opportunity for her to return to work she loves, but it has been a way for her to see how much she has grown in the last year. “This is part of God’s plan. I feel that I am where I am supposed to be.”

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