It is our pleasure to introduce Abigail Adler, 2020 Summer Fellow. She is serving as the Advancement Intern at St. Augustine Health Campus.

Abigail is a rising Senior at John Carroll University majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain. She became interested in the Summer Fellows program through her mom who worked at St. Augustine Health Campus. Abigail contacted Dana Carns, Director of Advancement, asking if she could shadow her during the summer and applied for the position.

As an advancement Intern, Abigail sets up zoom, facetime, and skype, for the residents to talk to their families since they cannot currently visit due to the COVID pandemic. She also works on social media posts for the facility. “We did a mass thank you video for anyone that donated masks the other day. We make daily posts on all social media platforms, for example, on Wednesdays we make a Wisdom Wednesday post where I go around asking the residents if they have any advice or wisdom to give.” Abigail also works closely with her mentor and supervisor, Dana, and has been learning a lot about the social media aspect of marketing and how to interact with the residents and their families. “She is really good about making an impact on people. The first two or three days I was following her around and I was watching her interact with everyone. When she talks to the families of the residents, she makes jokes and is so personable and nice. She is a great role model and I aspire to be like her”.

The most memorable experiences for Abigail, while working at St. Augustine Health Campus, has been sitting down with the residents and getting to know their life story. “There is this man that is at the nursing home who is a refugee from the Congo. He worked with the migration and refugee’s office in Cleveland and one of the ladies that helped him get settled here was retiring from her job at the refugee services. So, they wanted to do a video to say thank you and asked if he could be in it. I was the one in charge of making the video and we sat down together, and he told me his entire life story. I was amazed, he went through so much. He is very religious and was smiling the whole time.”

Abigail appreciates the fact that St. Augustine Health Ministries is a Nonprofit that gives back to the people that they serve. She admires the environment the staff have created, “they are very faith based and everyone loves their job. It is a very fun environment and they all really get along. Everyone really cares for the residents and I think that is so important in health care.”
In the future, Abigail hopes to continue to better understand marketing techniques and interacting with people. “I would like to learn about the public relations part of the job, and I want to keep talking to people and grow more as a person.”