Catholic Community Connection has been a presence in Northeast Ohio since the 1990s. Visit our History page to learn more about the merger of two great Catholic organizations and about how we got where we are today.

Still have questions? We hope the questions and answers below offer you some more information and deeper insight into exactly who we are and what we do. Feel free to fill out the form below and ask your own question! We’d be happy to address it.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Catholic Community Connection?

CCC is a membership organization composed of many of the great Catholic institutions in the Diocese of Cleveland. Among our partner organizations are health care, higher education, senior living, and social service ministries. See our Partners page for a complete listing: Our Partners

What do you do?

We gather together as Catholic organizations to address unmet needs, to collaborate on projects and initiatives that enrich our organizations and that further the teaching, healing and caring ministry of Jesus.

What kind of services do you offer?

CCC offers Catholic parishes, offices, or organizations service coordination and system navigation for individuals whose needs are beyond the expertise of the parish, office, or organization. We convene focused meetings of our partner organizations to promote connections among them. For instance, we convened a meeting of our Catholic colleges and universities and Catholic service providers to encourage volunteer, service learning and internships. We gathered several focus groups around the themes of creating a pipeline of young adults serving in Catholic ministries, passing on Catholic mission and identity, and preparing the next generation of leaders of Catholic ministries. We also offer a nationally affiliated group purchasing program.

How can I connect with Catholic Community Connection?

If you serve in a Catholic organization, parish, or other office, and:

You need help with a parishioner, client or neighbor with complex needs – health care or senior services – contact us.

You want to know how to become a CCC partner organization, contact us.

You are interested in or have an idea about collaborating with other Catholic organizations, contact us.

Keep in touch with what we are doing by liking our facebook page, and following us on twitter.

Where are you located?

We are located in the offices of one of our partners, the Sisters of Charity Health System, at:

2475 E. 22nd St.
Cleveland OH 44115

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