What is a Group Purchasing Organization or Program (GPO)?

A GPO uses the collective volume of its member organizations to negotiate pricing on supplies and services members commonly use. Members purchase directly through the contracted supplier, but the cost, price protection, payment terms, freight terms and other terms and conditions are established and agreed to by the GPO and supplier.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?

No! Eligible members can join and access discounts for no fee or charge.

How do we know the pricing through the Group Purchasing Program is better than we are already getting (or can negotiate)?

Without detailed analysis, exact savings are difficult to quantify. However because of HealthTrust/AdvantageTrust’s volume – $45 billion annually – and its model, members can generally expect to save 10-20% depending on the purchasing category.

Why are HealthTrust and AdvantageTrust better than any other GPO out there?

HealthTrust/AdvantageTrust (HT/AT) promises vendors an exclusive and committed participant pool. HT/AT expects members to join only this GPO and to commit to purchasing 80% of their categorical spending through HT/AT. Vendors can expect to gain market share when they provide HT/AT with the most competitive pricing. Committed and compliant utilization yields the highest savings.

How does this help Catholic Community Connection?

Catholic Community Connection earns a share of administrative fees on the total volume purchases made by organizations that join HealthTrust/AdvantageTrust by referral through CCC. This revenue supports CCC’s collaborative work among Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Cleveland. CCC also benefits from knowing that it is helping Catholic ministries save on supplies and purchasing.