Service Coordination

Service coordination offers a unique resource by working with connections at each of our partner organizations to see needs fulfilled from start to finish. Personal attention and follow-up is integral to this service and part of what makes it so valuable.

Group Purchasing

We offer Catholic organizations a valuable opportunity to save money and increase efficiency with the power of group purchasing. When enrolled, organizations save purchasing dollars and earn rebates that are paid directly to their facilities.

Intergenerational Opportunities

This initiative arose out of CCC’s 2013 strategic plan. One goal is to promote increased collaboration between the Catholic colleges and Catholic service providers in the Diocese. This will be achieved through increased volunteer, service-learning and internship experiences for students at our Catholic ministries. 

Past Initiatives

Conv Convos Mission

This initiative involves a series of focus groups converging around ideas of creating a pipeline of young adults interested in serving in Catholic ministries, developing the next generation of leaders in Catholic ministries, and supporting employee understanding of Catholic mission and identity.


The Deaf Access Program

The Deaf Access Program is an initiative that began with Catholic Community Connection and has since grown to become sustainable and is now housed through St Augustine Health Ministries.

The purpose of the Deaf Access Program (DAP) is to promote and teach deaf people self-advocacy skills to improve both the access to and quality of their healthcare.

DAP provides an onsite advocate (deaf); American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients around the clock; teaches cultural and linguistic diversity among caregivers. DAP engages in regular outreach on health education and health literacy. 

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