Burial and Memorial With
Catholic Community Connection

Catholic Community Connection strives to provide support and resources for families where and when they need it—including the trying times surrounding the death of a loved one.

As a CCC partner, Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA) meets the needs of families, individuals, and parishes when handling burial and memorial pre-planning and planning.

In providing a consecrated place for burial, CCA treats the deceased and their families with dignity and respect, while offering a spiritual and physical environment that encourages frequent visitation—where faith is strengthened, hope is awakened, and remembrance is accomplished through perpetual care.

Important steps you must take following the death of a loved one

  1. Obtain legal proclamation of death: If your loved one passes away and there is not a medical professional present, call 9-1-1 to obtain a legal proclamation of death. Contact your funeral home to arrange for the transportation of your loved one.
  2. Locate all important documents: Try to locate any important documents of the deceased, such as their social security card, will, military discharge papers, and estate information. If the person planned their burial or funeral arrangements in advance, you will also want to locate those documents.
  3. Contact cemetery: It’s always a good idea to make your burial arrangements first in order to make more informed decisions at the funeral home. CCA will help you make all burial arrangements and guide you through the process. Please call 216-641-7575 for assistance.
  4. Make funeral arrangements: Your funeral home will help you make all necessary arrangements including: wake, Mass of Christian Burial, and other details: such as obtaining the official death certificate and any military honors.

Key services provided by CCA

  • Complimentary pre-planning consultations
  • Burial options (burial or cremation)  
  • Memorials (markers, monuments, and/or benches)  
  • Crypt or niche emblems or portraits 
  • Outer burial containers 
  • Inscription 
  • Bereavement support seminars and groups

Why Choose CCA for memorial and burial needs?

  • Generational (since mid 1800s) 
  • Sacred (consecrated grounds in accordance with Catholic Church) 
  • Knowledgeable staff 
  • Compassionate ministry (before, during, and after with grief support)
  • Connected (part of Diocese of Cleveland) 
  • Innovative (continuous improvement, technologically up to date)

The Catholic Difference


Catholic cemetery grounds are consecrated. These sacred grounds are an extension of the Catholic Church. They ensure that those who are together in life are kept together in death. 


Catholic cemeteries are reverent and prayerful places. They are adorned with special Christian symbols, monuments, and structures that make visitation a holy and serene experience. 


Choosing to be buried in a Catholic cemetery is a way of remaining surrounded by the faith and members of the Church even in death. Just like the other sacraments we receive throughout our life, such as baptism, first communion, and marriage, God is calling to be present with us at the completion of our life’s journey. 


Most importantly, Catholic cemeteries are reminders of the promise of the resurrection. 

Ongoing CCA support for families

CCA App: The custom app provides GPS navigation to your loved one’s gravesite, along with directions to and information about each of our cemeteries. Searches are done by entering basic name and date of death information. A cemetery search is also available. The app is free of charge and available to download on either iOS or Android devices.

CCAirwaves Podcast: The official podcast of the Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Cleveland. This podcast aims to provide informational and inspirational segments that will help you learn more about the Catholic burial tradition, work through grief in a healthy way, and learn more about Catholic faith in general. New segments are shared one to two times per month.

Blogs: A variety of topics related to the burial process, and bereavement support, as well as Catholic faith topics of interest, are shared by CCA on a regular basis.


Catholic Cemeteries Association
(216) 641-7575
10000 Miles Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105