Interview with Sydney Booth
By Angie Hanon

Sydney Booth, 2020 Summer Fellow, is serving as the Advancement Intern at Catholic Charities.

Sydney is a rising Senior at John Carroll University majoring in Marketing. She became interested in the Summer Fellows program after speaking to Molly Killeen. Molly was a 2018 Summer Fellow and encouraged Sydney to apply. Sydney also wanted to work with an organization that would help to bridge her academic major and faith life.

As an Advancement Intern, Sydney works on social media posts like Scripture Tuesdays, graphics for national holidays, and helps write captions for social media requests. She is in charge of putting together an emergency assistance spreadsheet, which includes all of the resources available to the community. She is also in charge of Mission Minutes which highlights bright moments of the partnerships of the Diocese of Cleveland. Sydney has learned a lot of the marketing skills needed for her internship from her Supervisor, Bethany. “I enjoy talking to Bethany a lot. She advises me as a whole person. She looks at me beyond this program and recognizes that I will be a Senior next year. She talks to me about what I want to do in the future, she sees my strengths, and has helped me navigate the business world. She has given me a lot of wisdom from her past experiences.” When it comes to her Mentor Samantha, Sydney enjoys the discussions they have. “I really like meetings with my mentor. One of the first questions she asked me was, what is your faith life like? I absolutely love talking about that with her and having that kind of relationship with the people I work with. She talks about being a successful woman in the workplace and how to achieve that in the future.”

The most memorable experience for Sydney at Catholic Charities was when, “I threw an idea for a graphic and they loved it. I made it my own and designed it. Also, seeing how much my scripture Tuesdays get shared is really exciting.”

Sydney admires Catholic Charities because of the amount of people they serve. “I am impressed at how incredibly big the organization is. This affects how the marketing department is trying to rebrand. There are so many people that need to approve the project because of all the services they provide. I have been in a lot of calls and so many people have so many different opinions, but the department makes it work.”

When Sydney thinks about the future, she is certain that her personal mission and the mission of the company she works for, will align. “That is one thing that will help me be successful. I want to make sure that the company’s mission is something that I am passionate about and the people I work with are encouraging and supportive.”