Catholic Community Connection collaborates with senior living ministries throughout Northeast Ohio to ensure a strong continuum of care for all people within the Diocese of Cleveland. We spoke with the executive director of Parma’s Mount Alverna Village, Patrick Welsh, to get his perspective about partnering with CCC and how that benefits their residents. Here are some highlights from that interview:


Patrick Welsh, Executive Director, Mount Alverna Village

How does Mount Alverna Village embrace “church in the field?”

Our senior living community includes a 153-bed skilled nursing facility, 30 assisted living units, and the newly opened 42-bed Ancora Memory Care. We’re blessed to have a dedicated chapel available to all our residents where we’re able to offer Mass five days a week. It’s situated directly inside our front door and serves as the focal point of Mount Alverna.

We also have a dedicated channel for residents to attend Mass remotely if they can’t join in-person at the chapel. Our volunteer Eucharistic ministers are available to visit residents in their rooms to make sure communion is available to everyone.


How does Mount Alverna Village “Serve the Lord with gladness?”

We’re committed to serving with joy and helping our residents celebrate life each day. This is their home, and we are basically visitors. We always need to remember that.

After 30 years in this business, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that it’s important to treat people the way you want to be treated. Years ago, when I put my own grandmother in a nursing home, it wasn’t a good experience. That motivated me to do better and allows me to empathize with family members when they have questions or concerns.

I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by a dedicated team. Many of us have worked together for a long time, giving us the ability to continue pushing our mission. We have two full-time staff members whose sole purpose is to make sure we’re meeting the spiritual needs of our residents.